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About us

Paracosmos Films is an audiovisual production company founded by Paulina Hevia and Gabriel Kauer, focused on the creation of fictional and experimental films, whether they are short or feature length films, without genre or format limitations, and always preserving the creative freedom required for the production of authentic content. 

Paulina Hevia

Fotograma de Lullaby of Time
Still Frame of "Lullaby of Time"

Co-founder of Paracosmos films.

Paulina Hevia was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1991.
She is a filmmaker with a Psychology degree  from the University of Chile, and a degree in Aesthetics  from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, with a major in Film Studies.

While she was studying Psychology, her deep interest in cinema led her to study Film Theory and Aesthetics, which were very influential, motivating her to continue her studies in these subjects, and become an independent filmmaker. Since then, she has worked on several films, some of which have been premiered at international film festivals. The feature length film entitled El Borde (work in progress), developed in collaboration with Gabriel Kauer, stands out as her most ambitious project.

Gabriel Kauer

Co-founder of Paracosmos films

Gabriel Kauer is a composer and filmmaker born in 1992 in Santiago, Chile. He studied Music Composition, Aesthetics, and Film Studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. 

He has composed and released several works for chamber music, orchestral pieces, and Electronics. This has allowed him to participate in seminars, workshops, festivals and composition contests, obtaining awards and honorable mentions. 

In 2015 he started working dedicatedly in filmmaking as a writer, producer, director, editor and composer of his own independent audiovisual projects. He has completed several films that have been shown at festivals, and others that are soon to be released. Among the latter, stands out the fictional feature film entitled El Borde, co-directed with Paulina Hevia.

Still Frame of "Leo's Uncertainty"