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El Borde (The Edge) - Paulina Hevia y Gabriel Kauer

In Postproducción

Fiction Feature Film

Synopsis: The young student Tomás arrives with the intention of meeting with a friend, to a mysterious house inhabited by Julio, an older man, and two young women: Catalina and Sofía. Soon, Tomás will realize that this place awakens a new and threatening experience in its guests: sleepwalking episodes, strange visions of other guests, the sensation of memory loss, will be the beginning of a disturbing stay. Along with this, the sudden departure of Catalina, and the isolation, will make Tomás begin to doubt the nature of this place. In the company of Sofía, he will try to decipher and make sense of his new and strange reality, but he will not be able to do it without facing what is hidden in the dark.

Runtime: 01:30:00

Country of origin: Chile

  • Writen, Produced and Directed by: Paulina Hevia & Gabriel Kauer
  • Cast: Álvaro Valdebenito / Belén Espino / Raúl López / María Giacaman / Francisca Zúñiga / Cecilia Muñoz / Catalina Silva / Vicente Almuna
  • Music: Gabriel Kauer
  • Production: Paracosmos films

Still Frames: